We help OEMs to create connected products and provide new and better added value services

Our main target group is Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in industries such as Construction, Food Production, Printing and packaging, Induction Heating, Automotive and others.

Existing problems

High costs for technical support – manual work, exchanging data via flash-drives, e-mails, phone calls or VPN, manual data analytics of the data, travel and accommodation costs, false problems (problem outside of the machine, bad environment, etc)

Loss of business opportunities and driving business to competitors indirectly caused by customers’ equipment downtime – the machine breakdown leads to production downtime that causes losses for the customers.

Lost visibility to product failure outside of the warranty period. Therefore the OEMs have limited Equipment Feedback that can otherwise help the R&D Department. The lack of information about machine performance lengthens the product development cycle times.



The solution is to use Internet of Things (IoT) to help both the OEMs and their customers to increase the performance and efficiency of the equipment on the floor. Such IoT solution aims to provides automated remote monitoring and traceability of equipment’s parameters more efficiently by replacing VPNs with the Cloud and real-time data analytics. This helps to:

  • Reduce support costs – support engineers are one click away to any automatically gathered and stored in the cloud equipment data. Problem identification is fast and easy and the response time is dramatically reduced
  • Increase equipment uptime using preventive data analytics – custom rules and forecasting algorithms combined with alerts and notifications provides the engineers with way to act proactively
  • The real-time feedback from sold equipment helps the OEM’s engineering and design teams shorten the cycle of product change and gain huge competitive advantage
  • Boost existing revenue channels by providing new services such as extended warranty, better buy-back plans, bundled repairs and spare parts kits, equipment utilization analyzes, improving overall equipment efficiency, Machine-As-A-Service (pay only for hours of operation).


HutGrip is an industrial IoT solution developed and owned by IndigoVerge. If you are interested in IoT consulting and implementation for a similar or another IoT project, please get in touch with IndigoVerge team.

Internet of Things (IoT)

How we work

1. Audit of the manufacturer

we analyse current processes and related technologies, we prepare a tailored solution, we estimate the financial benefits, we determine the steps for implementation, we plan time and budget

2. Preparing and connecting the equipment

we identify the appropriate way to connect the equipment to the cloud and we provide assistance if technical changes are required

3. Setup accounts, notifications and analytics

we create the required accounts for the users, we set rules for check and notifications and we tune the system to perform the necessary data analyses

4. Results analysis and actions for further improvements

after a period of time we analyse the results of the integration, we compare them to the planned goals and expected results and we prepare recommendations for possible improvements



operational instead of capital expenditures
lower costs for tech support and R&D
improved brand reputation
new services as competitive advantage


increased equipment uptime
prevention of potential failures
preventive maintenance / proactive approach
repair / maintenance on demand

R&D and Support

based on real performance data
shortened product modification period
fast identification of the problem
reduced reaction time