Project Description

Induction Heating equipment provider Ultraflex Power International uses HutGrip to be more competitive – improve their equipment maintenance, warranty and support and provide even better service to their customers.

Ultraflex Power Technologies is devoted to the design and manufacturing of power electronic products used in wide range of induction heating and power conversion applications. With more than 10 years experience in power electronics, Ultraflex offers reliable and versatile products covering the specific needs of customers all over the world. Their products include:

  • Induction heating power supplies for a variety of applications
  • Induction casting systems for dental labs, jewelry industry and materials research
  • Custom AC-DC and AC-AC power converters and OEM modules

Induction Heating

Design and manufacturing of power electronic products used in wide range of induction heating and power conversion applications.

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The process

Ultraflex sells their equipment all over the world – the US, China, Mexico, etc. Their clients have different needs. By embedding HutGrip in their equipment, they now offer new services to their customers resulting in new revenue channels, high quality customer service, better warranty and maintenance services for the equipment and strong relationships with customers all over the world.

Measure & Collect Data

The engineers at Ultraflex decided that we should measure all data that is vital for the life of the equipment. The measured parameters included multiple temperatures, pressure, energy consumption and others. The goal was to measure all the parameters that need to be taken in mind when the client uses the equiment.

Analyze Data

All data goes in the secured HutGrip Cloud system. Ultraflex sets up critical limits for all the measured parameters. At the same time their customer – the manufacturer can use the HutGrip web system from any phone, ipad or another device to have better control over the equipment. They create their own dashboards, decide what data to share with Ultraflex, look at historical data reports and more complex data analytics that would help them plan their operations. The system helps them answer simple question in order to guide the manufacturer to use the machine in the best way, suggested by Ultraflex.

Identify Optimizations

The equipment provider uses HutGrip to improve their remote services and support and minimize their expenses. Even before a client calls them with a problem, they can get an alert, log in the HutGrip web platform and see the historical data measured by the machine working in their client’s facility. They can use the tool to analyze that data and help their client avoid potential problems. In this way their client doesn’t have to worry about the maintenance of a complex piece of machinery. He is secured that there will be no or little downtime as the OEM now has the ability to remotely maintaining their equipment in real time and even forecast failures. The client is also sure that the equipment is up and running on 100% in every one of its KPIs.


At the same time Ultraflex has insights about how people use their equipment. This helps them engineer the next models according to the demand – the real needs of their customers. They do this without spending additional resources on travelling overseas and having huge marketing and research campaigns but simply by leveraging the data they have already gathered.