Project Description

Usually the equipment comes with some kind of software that is focused on machine control. However very often this doesn’t help you monitor its efficiency. HutGrip stores historical data and analyzes how it corresponds to the critical limits for the tracked parameters. You can generate automatic reports giving you multiple levels of control, analyzing uptime vs. downtime and reasons for anomalies. The system gives you consolidated reports from multiple machines and helps you identify performance improvements for the whole production line.

This is how Diversified Companies uses the system – it gives them the opportunity to be able to see exactly how the equipment is functioning depending on the changing environment, measure efficiency and diagnose problems when they have malfunctions

The process

In the Printing Industry, like in all the others, the relationship you have with your customers is the most important thing. Being correct with them and delivering on time under any circumstances defines who you are in your business. This holds true for Diversified Printing. John Dawson, Managing Partner at the company tells us:

“We are a printing company as wella s mailing service facility, we process everything, from property tax bills, to all types of mailing, that goes into the mail, we are very time sensitive, very time driven.”

From 2 friends in the back of a warehouse to a staff of more than 30 employees working in a state of the art printing facility and from 2 clients to more than 600, Diversified has never changed in its main focus…Late nights, hard work and the desire to make the customers look their best. We are happy we got to do a tiny bit for them. The process we got involved with is the actual printing.

Measure & Collect Data

One of their printers was regularly overheating leading to serious downtimes. Every time it overheated, the machine would stop working and they would wait around 2 hours for it to cool down and start working again. Several times, they called a technician to come and look at it, but he was not able to solve the problem. This was happening almost every day, meaning that they had to constantly work 2 hours overtime to catch up with their work. After some time, the company made a good investment of around $1500 for a good AC system. However the problem didn’t disappear. Therefore we put temperature sensors at multiple locations in the printing equipment.

Analyze Data

They used HutGrip to compare the measurements from the problematic printer to other equipment and successfully identified the particular scenario in which the printer overheats. It turned out that one of the temperature sensors detects much higer temperature than s sensor located on the same spot on the other printing machine. And this was happenning again and again every time. In the reports they were able to see the pattern and they did some experiments to cool down the machine at the specific location.

Identify Optimizations

Overtime the plant engineer at the factory that this data came from noticed that certain temperature shuts down the printing machine. Using HutGrip they found out that it was not an environment problem but a machine problem. They showed the HutGrip report to their technician. The real data in the report was the proof that there is something happening – the technicians then had a much more targeted approach to finding what the problem is.


The technician found that it is a $100 fix of one of the critical parts of the printing machine. It was a quick fix, but before taking a more systematic approach to the problem they didn’t know what the problem is. Measuring data gave them visibility. The operator of the machine was able to try different things and analyze the results. This helped them dismiss the assumption that this is an environment problem and focus on the real cause of the problem.

Printing and Packaging

Full service marketing provider: Design, Printing, Direct Mail, On Demand Digital Publishing, Promotional Products & Apparel.

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