PCBLast month we have been busy with our HG-Box One: we worked on the schematic, PCB and the firmware. Hardware wise we did some changes to ensure stable work of the One and to reduce undesired behavior mainly related to the multi functional GPIOs and their state during boot/reboot. We moved RS485 to the second UART keeping the standard serial and the RS485 completely separated. To do that we scarified the external watchdog timer. However, depending on your feedback, we will consider adding it in the second revision.

But HG-Box One is different because it comes with several applications you can start using out-of-the-box: no programming required.

The first application is for temperature control and needs one 1-Wire DS18B20 temperature sensor. To activate it you need to set the sensor address, on and off temperatures and to check Enabled. When the On temperature is reached, the application will turn on relay 1. The relay will be turned off when Off temperature is reached.


The second application is a simple weekly schedule application, that allows you to define schedule by week date, start and end time. This application is using the relay 2.


With these two embedded applications you will be able to solve a bunch of temperature/time based problems. We also plan to release new versions of the firmware on regular basis and to add more applications to it. So if you need some, please, let us know.

A limited number of HG-Box One will be available in April so feel free to write to us to save one for you.