While talking with potential customers we try help them understand and evaluate the potential benefits of integrating IoT-based solutions into their products. That’s not an easy task and it is a process we facilitate in order to find the proper way for such adoption. That’s why we always suggest a test integration that solves a single problem bringing significant value for the customer. Such step-by-step integration start allows the client to see immediate benefits, to validate the assumption and reduce the overall risk. For these first test integrations we use different hardware platforms depending on the case.esp8266-chip

Over the last few months we’ve been playing with ESP8266, which is a $2.5 WiFi module, powerful enough to drive the prototypes we need.

In mid-January we decided to design and develop a hardware board based on ESP8266 that we will use to integrate on the client’s side during the test integration steps. HG-Box-1, the working name of the product, consists of ESP8266 module, a real time clock, external watchdog timer, 2 relays, one optocoupled digital in, one optocoupled digital out, 1-Wire, USB and RS485.

We expect to have the first HG-Box-1 prototypes in 4 weeks. A small batch of 100pcs will be produced and will be available for sale on our web-site somewhere on April.

If you are interested in such product, please let us know by contacting us.