We have always been interested in energy efficiency and since June we are working on an intelligent IoT-based LED street light system. Our solution includes a GPRS gateway based on Gemalto modules, IQRF/SSR modules for communication with luminaries individually or as groups, cloud sever and web portal for administrators and customers.

This Internet of Things system is designed to be simple, easy to use and provides all that is needed to define different schedules in order to achieve maximum efficiency.  The users can create as many schedules as they need and associate them with a group of luminaries. The schedule are seasonal and contains information about the dimming levels for each day of the week. Sunrise and sunset times are also applied and as result, the clients can increase the efficiency with 25% in comparison with a dump LED street light solutions.

IoT-based LED street light system

Based on the schedules, the system generates consumption forecast reports, so the users can estimate the costs for a long period of time, usually an year. Of course consumption reports are also available.

Once configured, the gateways can work even without server connection for years.

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