How device manufacturers can monetize the Internet of Things

by Vincent Smyth, Senior Vice President EMEA at Flexera Software

Hardware business (unless you are Apple) is difficult – large volumes on small margins. Here you will find some ideas of how making a device smarter can open new revenue channels for device manufacturers.

“Device makers must aggressively adopt new business models associated with monetizing the embedded and external software that’s increasingly powering their intelligent and Internet-connected devices.  And to monetize the software they’re leveraging software licensing and entitlement management – a mainstay in the traditional software industry.”

Forecasting the IoT market opportunity: $4.3 trillion in 2024

by Emil Berthelsen, Principal Analyst, Machina ResearchForecasting the IoT project market

An interesting taxonomy of the market opportunities. However I would bet that “System integration and strategy” and “Applications” are the most promising, not the “infrastructure” – related. Why? As you get closer to the customer, the bigger your margins will be: Big margins will go for strategy and apps, low margins for platform/cloud/other providers.

“These are in fact disruptive times for traditional IT industry service providers. Not necessarily in technology terms but in terms of standards and best practices where service providers are having to adopt IoT standards and best practice frameworks. One of the major developments expected by Machina Research is that IT markets will eventually be subsumed by IoT markets because of the pervasive nature of these IoT standards on the enterprise implementations.”

5 Solutions Showing Off Intel IoT Gateway and Ecosystem Collaboration

by David McKinney, Social Media Manager, Internet of Things (IoT) Group,  Intel

A strong eco-system is a must have for any IoT project. Here are some interesting thoughts from Intel.

“When you consider that more than 85 percent of today’s legacy systems are unconnected, you’re reminded of perhaps the greatest IoT challenge: integrating the newest technology with existing infrastructure in order to take full advantage of cloud connectivity and IoT data management and analysis”

25 dev boards to help you get started on your next IoT project

by Atmel Staff

Wonder what board to use for your next IoT project? Check this “short” list of Atmel-based boards.

“Makers are continually seeking new ways to add connectivity to their designs. As a result, hobbyists and engineers are turning to a wide range of IoT development boards and platforms to better accelerate and ease the process.”

Understanding The Protocols Behind The Internet Of Things

by Stan Schneider, founder of Real-Time Innovations (RTI)

1013_WebEE_rti_F2A good overview and comparison between the MQTT, XMPP, DDS and AMQP protocols.

“Today’s Internet supports hundreds of protocols. The IoT will support hundreds more. It’s important to understand the class of use that each of these important protocols addresses.”





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