IBM commits $3B for new Internet of Things business unit

by Jordan Novet, VentureBeat staff writer

CG, Cisco, Amazon, Microsoft, Siemens, now IBM commits big money to IoT business model. It seems the market is shaping up faster than expected.

“As part of the new push, IBM will begin to provide companies with several industry-specific cloud-based services, as well as new tools to help developers populate applications with data from Internet-connected devices.”

Check also IBM Launches Major Internet Of Things Offensive for more about the announced partnership with The Weather Company.

NCR CIO Bill VanCuren Drives The Move To Internet Of Things And Big Data

by Peter High, Metis Strategy

I strongly recommend this excellent interview with NCR CIO Bill VanCuren on how the company changed its business models from products to services. Bill gives details on how they did it, the strategy and the execution.

“The goal is to use IT to become more efficient. If you look at our remote service management (RSM), for instance, we want to optimize to do more remotely and avoid the cost of human dispatch for our clients.”

Servitization: Our Bit in the middle

by Paul ThurstonIoT business

Talking about the business model shifts driven by the IoT reminds me of this blog post by Paul about sensitization. I recommend it because the servitization is a part of the transition from products to services.

“A common point of reference for fans of servitization is the Rolls Royce ‘Power by the hour’ model, a way for the business to charge for the capability they are providing rather than the product. As the article highlights, this has resulted in organisations such as the MOD “increasingly contracting for capability rather than placing equipment orders.” So, as companies continue to seek new sources of revenue from the servitization the lines between product and services companies blur.”

Industrial IP: Connect the Internet of Things

by Paul Brooks, Rockwell Automation

Proliferation of the IP-enabled devices in every modern plant comes with a problem – interoperability and interconnectivity. Here you will find some thoughts about the industrial internet protocols and how they relate with industrial IoT and innovation activities.

“Industrial IP can bring together automation, surveillance, facility management and access-control subsystems within a single infrastructure to reduce deployment and operational costs. Industrial IP will ensure consistency of security policy, practice and procedure. “

How The Internet of Things Is Changing The Identity Conversation

by Peter Counter

Some interesting thoughts and links to articles about IoT, wearables, identity and privacy.

“The IoT privacy talk, like the biometrics ones that preceded it, will likely die down with familiarity and regulation, but for now, if you want to talk about protecting personal data, the Internet of Things is a great place to start.”



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