IoT acquisitions: challenges to platform providers

by Ivan Dragoev, HutGrip

Some thoughts about the recent acquisitions and announcements made by Amazon and Microsoft.

“To validate that, each platform provider should answer questions such as: what makes us unique; what is our unique advantage that is difficult to be copied; what is the value we bring to our customers; is our brand and ecosystem strong enough to survive a clash with MS/Amazon ecosystems?”

The IoT: Exploring the next technology frontier

by IntelIoT technology - the vision of Intel

The vision of Intel on the IoT technology, the importance of the security embedded on silicon level and more.

“With billions of connected devices producing enormous amounts of data –EMC/IDC forecasts that devices will generate more than 44 zeta bytes of data by 2020 – security of this data will be critical to enable scale of IoT deployments. That is why we emphasize again the importance of having security designed into the IoT systems from the outset. Secure data delivery systems are critical to enabling trusted data exchange and scale, thereby unlocking the full potential of IoT.“

Internet of Things connections to quadruple by 2020

by Thor Olavsrud

A summary on  Verizon’s “State of the Market: The internet of Things 2015” report with good examples and some stats regarding the IoT adoption in manufacturing, health, smart cities etc.

“Machine-to-machine connections Verizon manages saw growth in 2014 in the following sectors:

  • Manufacturing: 204 %
  • Finance and insurance: 128 %
  • Media and entertainment: 120 %”

Why Big Businesses Fail at Innovation

Actually I accidentally found two articles with the same name:

Why Big Businesses Fail at Innovation by Jacqueline Zhou points out 4 reasons: wrong culture, metrics, focus and alignment.

Why Big Businesses Fail at Innovation by Henry Doss is focused entirely on business culture and how to build innovation culture.

“… [build a big business culture] is a matter of  first and foremost simply recognizing the need to get to work on the entire culture of the organization, and making a long-term commitment to understanding, building and nurturing those aspects of organizational culture that lead to innovative practices. ”

Can the Internet of Things Work for You?

by Lisa Chau and Daniel Pickett III

This is an overview of the IoT products and services shown on this year’ CES and the problems of adopting or making IoT-based solutions.

“When implemented correctly, the Internet of Things can bring major business benefits, including boosted productivity and competitive advantage. … However, with any new technology will come new pain points and challenges that need to be addressed by enterprises in the early stages of development and implementation.”

You might also find interesting Three challenges when selling IoT and SaaS and World Economic Forum research of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) potential

The IIC – Because the Industrial Internet is Bigger than Any One Company

by Bruce SinclairInternet of Things business podcast

An interesting podcast with Lynne Canavan, (Program Director, IIC), Stephen Mellor (Chief Technical Officer for the IIC) and Brian Dalgetty (Director, Internet of Things at IBM) about the Industrial Internet Consortium, what they do, why big and small join, industrial internet reference architecture, testbeds and much more about industrial IoT.

“The IIC ecosystem helps companies large and small. By being part of test beds and by networking at meetings, small companies get to rub shoulders with the giants and demonstrate their worth. Large companies see how their solutions mesh in vitro and find smaller companies to fill in the gaps. But all are there to make contacts and form partnerships to advance their business.”

Node.js Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio

by Sara Itani, Software Engineer, Node.js Tools for Visual Studio

Announcing Azure IoT suite (available later this year) and now embracing open-source world by giving a home to NodeJS at its prominent IDE. We used NodeJS in our own HutGrip platform and debugging and profiling were always an issue.

“Node.js is a platform for building fast, scalable applications using JavaScript. It’s making its way just about everywhere – from servers, to Internet of Things devices, to desktop applications, to who knows what next? And now, with Node.js support in Visual Studio, it’s easier than ever before to develop Node.js applications.”


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