Suppose you have heard about Amazon’s acquisition of 2elemetry and Microsoft’s announcement last week for Azure IoT Services? Is this the beginning of the end of the fragmented IoT market? Who will be the players in that field and is there any place for newcomers?IoT adoption

I think in the next few years we will witness more and more news of this kind and we can expect that the IoT market would become shaped and mature. Guarantee for that are the big players such as Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, PTC (who acquired ThingWorx at the end of 2013)  and others, who are willing to boost the IoT adoption and thus sell their own solutions.

The products and services of Amazon and Microsoft are very well known to software engineers.

Adding IoT-related services to Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure will let the companies from those ecosystems to enter the IoT market with ease.

This new situation puts the small platform providers into a new position: now they have to look for stronger value proposition for their customers if they want to keep them on board. But to do that they have to focus on a vertical, a specific niche and thus provide a specific, not-that-easy to be replaced solution.

So, is there a place for newcomers? Yes, but only if they have something that brings a significant added value to the customers.

To validate that, each platform provider should answer questions such as: what makes us unique; what is our unique advantage that is difficult to be copied; what is the value we bring to our customers; is our brand and ecosystem strong enough to survive a clash with MS/Amazon ecosystems?

Instead of a conclusion I will say that the IoT market is still challenging, but it has a huge potential and there is a place for anyone who clearly understands its own value.

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